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Deekon, make you STRONGER, make you WIN.

The bestmilitary and police products manufacturer in China.Your best choicefor Government tenders.

Deekon has been producing military and police products since 30 years. During these 30 years, we have never stopped and have been committed to producing products that meet customer needs and products that meet the needs of frontline soldiers and police.

30 years ago, westarted from uniform factory.

21 years ago, wehad our tactical and outdoor products factory.

15 years ago, wehad our fabric weaving factory.

14 years ago, wehad our boots and shoes factory.

12 years ago, wehad our bulletproof products factory.

We insist oncontinuous innovation, acquire advanced technology, use the most advancedequipment, design and produce the most advanced military and police equipmentto make our customers more comfortable in daily use and stronger in battle.

Our productcategory includes almost all military equipment and police equipment except weapons.

Textileseries--military uniform fabrics,police uniform fabrics.Such as camouflageuniform fabric,shirting fabric,officer suit wool fabric,raincoat waterproof fabric,anti-infrared fabric,fire-proof fabric,anti-bacterial fabric,dust prooffabric,etc

Uniformseries--military uniforms,police uniforms,camouflage uniform,ceremonialuniforms,military raincoat,military shirt,military t-shirt,military sweater,tactical pants,military training suit,military underwear,military cap,military anti-bacteria socks,military scarfs,etc

Boots and shoes series--military boots,police boots,tactical boots,desert boots,jungle boots,DMS boots,officer shoes,etc

Bulletproof series--bulletproof material, UHMPE,Kevlar,bulletproof ceramic,Alumina,Silicon carbide,Boron carbide,bulletproof vest,bulletproof helmet,bulletproof plate,bulletproof shield,bulletproof mask,etc

Webbing and outdoor equipment--tactical bags,tactical vest,military backpacks,hydration bags,magazine pouches,gun bags,military sleeping bags,military belt,military mosquito net,camping bed,military tent,military hammock,military stretcher,military gas masks,military water bottle,military mess tin,etc

Police equipment series--Anti-riot suits,anti-riot shield,anti-riot helmet,police tonfa baton,Retractable baton,handcuff,police gas mask,police duty belt,police holster,police duty gear,police uniform,police boots,etc

Military and police tactical gear series--Night vision binocular,Night vision scope,signal jammer for military and police,etc

During these 30 years, we have cooperated with customers from different regions and countries, including Europe, the United States, Caribbean countries, South American countries, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Once a customer has established a cooperative relationship with us, they will always cooperate with us. Our partners like our products and our services, because the soldiers and police on the battle front are satisfied with our products. Our products make them stronger and more confident in protecting their country, protecting social stability, protecting everyone who desires peace, and protecting their family members. They like DEEKON.

In order to ensure the quality and meet the military standard requirements of different countries, all our products have passed the testing by internationally renowned testing institutions. The quality of textile products is mainly inspected at SGS, Intertek, and Bureau Veritas. Bulletproof products are mainly tested in Chinese military laboratories and American H.P. White Laboratory. These internationally renowned laboratories can guarantee the authenticity and reliability of the test results. With these test reports, our customers can sleep at ease without worrying about product quality.

Deekon is committed to developing and producing the best products for the soldiers and police on the front line. All friends who are willing to cooperate with DEEKON are more than welcomed to visit our company and inspect our factory.

Basic Information
Established2017 Year
Business TypeManufacturer & Trading Company
Primary servicesmilitary uniform
More productsbulletproof helmet, bulletproof plate, military bag backpack, anti-riot shield, camouflage net
AddressNo.1188 LianHang Road, MinHang District
Trade & Market
Main MarketNorth America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, East Asia, The Middle East, Africa, global
Nearest port for product exportAny port in China
Delivery clauses under the trade modeFOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
Acceptable payment methodsT/T, L/C, MoneyGram, Westem Union, Cash
Whether any overseas office is availableNo
Business turnoverAbove USD 100 million per year
Import volumeUSD 12 - 30 million per year
export volumeUSD 50 - 100 million per year
Number of foreign trade department employees21-50 people
Number of researchers50 or more
Number of quality inspectors50 or more
Number of all the employees500 - 3,000
Factory Information
Factory Area33,000m2
Employees500 - 3,000
Plant AddNo.1188 LianHang Road, MinHang District

Make you feel more Comfortable in daily life, Stronger in battle.